Wholesale crypto-asset trading at a fair price

No Market Impact

SheeldMatch allows institutions and businesses to trade large amounts of digital assets without market impact and at the best price. Our technology guarantees complete privacy of the financial information, from order submission to execution.
Benefit from high levels of diverse liquidity available through a low-latency infrastructure.

Hidden Orders

Orders are securely kept in an encrypted order book, avoiding data exploitation, leakage or manipulation from both outsiders and operators.

Block Trading

Fast and elaborate matching algorithms allow various order types of a minimum size.

No Price Slippage

Add limit, time-in-force or pegged-to-midpoint to prevent unintended slippage before execution.

Fair price by design

No Information Leakage
Orders are encrypted from their inception and handled in an encrypted matching engine. We exploit cutting-edge chip-based encryption to preserve the anonymity of the traders and the confidentiality of their positions. At any given time, an unexecuted order is only accessible by its submitter.
No Market Manipulation
As the operators, we never have access to the order book, so we cannot leak the information to third parties or apply discretionary spreads.

Transparent matching

Order Matching Fairness
Check that your orders were matched according to the rules with our real-time Zero-Knowledge proofs. We will never act as privilege counterpart to your trades or apply discretionary spreads.
Verifiable Consolidated Tape
Enjoy no fake volumes and transparent filling rates thanks to the combination of an auditable database of real-time zero-knowledge proof and a traditional consolidated tape.
Industry-Standard Price Feed
We source the market midpoint price from Merkle Data through a low-latency infrastructure. More about Merkle Data

Institutional-grade trading platform

We built our platform under the supervision of the architect of one of the largest equities dark pool in the world.

FIX Connectivity

FIX connectivity for the Trading Session and the Market Data Stream
FIX Encryption Engine available client-side for a seamless trading experience

Centralized auditable infrastructure

Our encrypted order book, matching engine and consolidated tape are all centralized in our servers.

Fully Compliant and Regulated

Sheeld is regulated in France under the oversight of the AMF .

Customer Support

Dedicated support available in Western Europe and Eastern Asia.

Network of non-toxic liquidity

Instant access to a deep network of inter-broker liquidity.
Instant execution or resting orders with the guarantee that the order information will not leak before execution.
Hedge your risk at the best price and without revealing your fund’s position and directionality.
Move large amounts of crypto-assets without price slippage.
Execute strategies with minimal market impact and without letting third parties learn your direction and position.
Source instant collateral for the contracts you underwrite at the best price.
Execute high-frequency cross-platform strategies with minimal costs.
Balance the exposure taken by your internal liquidity providers and market makers with other exchanges and brokerages.
Network of Non-Toxic Liquidity

Frictionless Usage

Trading Interface SheeldMatch
Web Trading Interface
Encrypted FIX Messages
Multi-Wallet Support

Riskless Settlement

Trading Pairs
  • Crypto/fiat pairs: fiat-enabled trading for the major cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, ...)
  • Stable coin trading: blockchain-based tokens analoguous to FX wholesale trading
  • Commodity-backed token trading: ERC-20 atomic swap and cross-chain asset trading
  • Utility token trading: trade mid-cap tokens against fiat, stable coins or major cryptocurrencies
  • For Ethereum-based trading, we exploit robust on-chain atomic swaps.
  • For cross-chain trading and fiat, we partner with a major French Bank and crypto custodians to act as a central escrow for a riskless settlement layer.



Oliver Yates
  • Risk & trading signals for crypto Hedge Funds @ Merkle Data
  • First Blockchain insurance product @ Euler Hermes Digital Agency
  • Supaero (MSc Applied Maths), Polytechnique/HEC/UC Berkeley (MSc Tech Entrepreneurship)
Jacques Lolieux
  • 20 years experience in Investment Banking in Tier-1 firms (Crédit Suisse, Société Générale, Lehman Brothers)
  • Created CrossFinder EU (one of the largest equities Dark Pools) as head of Electronic Market Making @ Crédit Suisse
Arnaud Carrere
  • Member of cybersecurity council at France IA
  • Software Engineer @ Blockchain Research Institute (FR)
  • In-flight lightning strike data analysis @ Airbus
  • Supaero (MSc Computer Science), Polytechnique/HEC/UC Berkeley (MSc Tech Entrepreneurship)
Simon Douyer
  • On-boarded first CAC40 customers as Key Account Manager @ Workelo
  • Developed optimisation algorithms for Bitcoin Lightning Network
  • Supaero (MSc Systems Engineering), Polytechnique/HEC/UC Berkeley (MSc Tech Entrepreneurship)


Alexander Fred-Ojala

Director of the Blockchain Lab
@UC Berkeley

Louis Baudouin

CEO of Merkle Data


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